Rickety Stitch Book 3: Battle of the Bards (PB) - SIGNED

Rickety Stitch Book 3: Battle of the Bards (PB) - SIGNED

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After narrowly escaping the treacherous road known as the Middle-Route Run, Rickety Stitch the skeleton bard and his trusty sidekick Goo, have finally reached the city of Harp’s Edge. And they’re just in time for the Battle of the Bards, the most epic of epic music competitions in the land of Eem! 

But can Rickety and his troupe of merry thespians unseat the famous Percival Dante and win the Golden Lute? It won’t be easy... 

When a beautiful bard named Canta plucks at Rickety’s heart strings, and a mysterious plot unfolds beneath the city, Rickety and Goo will need to battle more than bards to save the day.

These copies will be signed by Ben Costa and James Parks, Limited Availability.

Print: First Printing, Paperback (PB)

Page Count: 256, Full Color
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers
Language: English
Shipping Weight: 13 Ounces
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